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All State Legislative Links


AZ HOA Dispute Process - Dept of Real Estate/ALJ/$500/issue

AZ Leg Title 9 Cities and towns

AZ Leg Title 10-3830. General standards for directors

AZ Leg Title 11 Counties-Development Agreements/Fees/Planning/Zoning/Dev Rights/etc.

AZ Leg Title 11-951 Definition of public agency

AZ Leg Title 11-810. Requirement of planned community prohibited

AZ Leg Title 33 - PROPERTY-HOA/Condo/etc.

AZ Leg Title 33-1256 Lien for Common Expense-Priority, notice

AZ Leg Title 41-151.18 AZ Uniform Laws Commission, Membership Duties

AZ Leg Title 42-13402. Identifying common areas; definition

AZ Leg Title 42-13403. Computing valuation Common Area

AZ Leg Title 42-13404. Deed restriction on common area use

AZ Courts - Non-Payment of HOA dues Information



AZ News-Mobile Homes HOA A/C Restrictions-Now new law protects homeowners. 

This shows the blatant disregard some HOA’s and landlords have for homeowners' safety, imposing restrictions on A/C units. Legislators allowed this to happen because they don't read the bills or consider the harm to homeowners. We have had extreme heat in Arizona since the beginning of time, and legislators have finally created a bill to protect mobile home residents from controlling HOAs and landlords. Dr. Patricia Solis from Arizona State University noted that historically, about 30% of indoor heat-associated deaths in the county have been in trailers.

AZ HB2146: Mobile Homes: Cooling; Prohibition (HOA & Landlords)Passed 2024



AZ Homeowner HOA attorney-Dessaules-HOA cannot enforce HOA on-street parking bans

AZ Attorney General Law & Duties (No help for homeowners)

AZ Ombudsman – (NO Help for Homeowners)

Arizona State HOA Laws. Scroll down to Chapter 16, Planned Communities.Arizona State Legislative site

Dennis Legere, Admin: Arizona Homeowners Coalition, has generously offered this one last time to create accounts for anyone, if you commit to him that you will use the account when asked, if you send him your email address that you want to use as your username and your first and last name. Dennis’ email: <> Please see the Leg Update link below & instructional links.• AZ Legislative Update 1-15-24:

Arizona Instructions to Request to Speak to your legislators in committee about a specific bill.

• Everyone with an account that has been created and validated on the web site please post a position in opposition to HB-2083, HB-2084, and HB-2085.In the Request to speak program using the “my Bill positions” menu item.

• Everyone with a validated account on web site, post a position in favor of our bills HB-2126, HB-2270, and HB-2470.

• Everyone without a validated account please email your legislators now! Inform them of your opposition and approval as indicated above. (Please do this until your account has been set up and validated).

• How to find your AZ legislators & emails:

• To receive additional AZ Legislation Updates, join: Arizona Homeowners Coalition.

• Remember we can’t do it alone!

• Any questions, please contact me through Messenger! I am here to help with any of your questions! Thank you for your help in changing the laws to make our communities a pleasant place to live.

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