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HOA Reform Leaders Founder

I am Patrick Johansen, founder of HRLNG. Just a little about me, I no longer own property in an HOA. I did one time and will never again. I don’t have children so I don’t have to worry about how my children suffer as more and more of the homes are falling under some form of HOA. I am no longer in danger from losing my life savings or my home to false CCR violation claims, dramatic increases in dues, or surprise assessments because the Board Members didn’t property manage the HOA. But I can’t sit around and do nothing while so many others are suffering.

Many have lost their life savings and their homes through foreclosure due to the horrible laws that exist in most of the states. If you are living in an HOA, at the very least you are probably being cheated but don't know it. But let’s face it, most of you are here because you already know all the above.

However, the HOA problem is sooooo big, it cannot be fixed by a few people. We need lots of people emailing and talking to our legislators, lots of people demanding change, and lots of people doing the background work it takes to make that happen.


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Patrick Johansen

Founder of HOA Reform Leaders

Chairman, Housing Justice Committee, at RiseUpwa LLC

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We need your help in order to protect you.

In a few minutes per day, you can help significantly to change the HOA laws. Some ways you can participate in HRLING:

• Lead a group, help teach and organize others showing them what to do. We teach you exactly what to do, you teach others.

• Write and phone legislators presenting and explaining our Proposed Legislation

• Search on your State legislation site to find all the HOA related bills that are proposed.

• Post on other HOA Reform sites to bring others to HRLNG

• Post on State Political sites

• Write thank you letters to legislators and others that have taken some action to help us change the laws.

• Contact National Organizations to convince them to lobby for our Proposed Legislation

• Contact News Media to convince them to produce stories about HOA horror stories and to get the word out about HRLNG and our Proposed Legislation

• Help conduct research over the internet

Don’t think you can leave it and let the other person fix it. Too many people are thinking like that. There will always be some reason why you can’t start helping right now. Few people really can’t fit in 15 minutes per day to save their life savings and their home. To learn what to do to help, contact me

HOA Reform Leaders National Group (HRLNG) is a volunteer association that seeks to examine and propose legislation regarding personal real property rights of the homeowners managed by Homeowner Associations (HOAs).

We use the term “HOA” as an umbrella term that includes all forms of HOAs including Homeowner Association (HOA), Property Owner Association (POA), Condominium Owner Association (COA), and any Common Interest Communities (CIC). Our proposed legislation addresses the relationship and balance of power between the homeowner-members and the developers, property managers, and the Homeowner Association Board of Directors (BOD).


In purpose, an HOA is to create a beneficial living environment and preserve the property values of the homeowner-members. It has been estimated that 30% to 50% of the homes in the United State fall under some form of HOA. In most cases, HOA contracts are tied to the land and are perpetual across the owner of the land or development.

Yet, across most of the US, punishable enforcement is non-existent towards the HOA Board of Directors defined in the governmental property statutes. Should a homeowner-member be at odds with their Board of Directors, their only option is to file a civil lawsuit. This option is out of reach for most homeowners, due to the high cost and time of litigation and the ability of the BOD to retaliate with harassment. Furthermore, state and local governments rarely address these issues in their planning.

About HOA Reform Leaders

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