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Letter from Senator Eric Lucero recognizing the need for HOA Reform

..Minnesota Community Chat Group in HRLNG

Minnesota Legislative Committee Chat Group in HRLNG

Minnesota HOA Laws, 515B

Minnesota HOA Laws, Why Homeowners Need ProtectionMinnesota HOA LawsMinnesota Guide for Charity Board Members (See section on Enforcement of These Duties)Minnesota Renters Laws vs Homeowners Laws

Enforcement of These Duties:If a director breaches his or her fiduciary duties, or fails to act in accordance with the standards described above, at least 50 members with voting rights or ten percent of members with voting rights, whichever is less, or the Attorney General’s Office, may bring an action for equitable relief, including awarding attorney fees and disbursements to members.


Below is a sample from Washington of what you might want to have on your State site.

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