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Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 514B (aka, “condominium association law”), (If we are successful, this version will be amended during the next few legislative sessions.)

Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 421J (aka, “planned community association law”),

Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 421I (aka, “cooperative housing corporations law”),

Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 667 regarding Hawaii’s foreclosure law,

Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 414D, Hawaii’s non-profit corporations law,

Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 467 regarding Hawaii’s real estate brokers and salespersons’ law for Hawaii’s “managing agents” (the companies that manage our associations), 

Hawaii Administrative Rules Chapter 107 Amended Subchapter 6, regarding reserve requirements for condominium associations, Legislature

HAWAII STATE LEGISLATURE webpage, to Engage in the Legislative Process

List of all Legislators with Contact infoEmails Only for all Legislators

Emails Only for all Legislators, Alphabetic Order

Find your legislator,

List of 2023 House of Representatives,

List of 2023 Senators,

Current legislature,

Current legislature contact information,

Legislative reports and lists including all measures introduced, resolutions adopted and laws enacted,

How to learn about the legislative process..


Hawaii Current Bills

SB1512 Prohibits proxies, allows members to vote by mail and cast votes by electronic means.

Condominium issues and legislative action. Here are bills that have been introduced at the current legislative session. You can track them, show your support or submit testimony on

HB178 (ombusdsman for HOAs)

HB1501 (ombudsman for condos)

SB3205/HB2680 (ombudsman for condos)

SB3206/HB2681 (ombudsman for all HOAs)

SB3204/HB2701 (prevent retaliation against owners who speak out)

SB2549/HB2067 (no assignment of proxies to boards)

SB2493/HB2286 (control fees of attorneys hired by associations)

SB2128 (owners may opt-out of condominiums)

HB1814 (Condo Task Force look at solutions to condo issues in other states. Hearing scheduled for 01/30/2024 at 2pm.)

SB2404 (forbid proxies, allow voting by mail)

SB2550 (ombudsman and Real Estate Commission)

Having issues? Please speak out, so legislators will start to listen. Civil Beat has been covering stories about condo owners who had serious issues

Many readers have commented.

.Other Important Hawaii Government AgenciesHawaii Small Claims Court, State Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs list of “registered condominium associations,”

Links to Condo-Related News Articles:Hawaii members have told us that it is effective to comment on as the legislators read it.

“Foreclosures Hurt Condos,”

“Legislation needed to rein in abusive condo associations, “

“The Brutal Reality of Owning a Condo in Hawaii,” – May 2016

“Do Condo Owners Need Some Help From Hawaii’s Legislature?” – January 17, 2017

“Ian Lind: Why Condo Associations Are Sweating After A Judge’s Ruling, “ – April 12, 2017

“Help For Condo Owners Comes In Small Doses, If It Comes At All,” -April 24, 2017

“Condo Owners May Not Know They Have New Power,” – January 16, 2019

“An Open Letter To Hawaii Condo Owners About Proxies,” – February 7, 2019

“Condo ‘Disaster’: Waikiki Maintenance Fees Hit $1,800,” – March 17, 2020

“Column: Condo associations should pay own legal bills,”

“Column: State must address HOA owners’ plight,”

“Column: Proxy voting can distort homeowners’ association elections,”

“Big Island Condo Owners Navigate Troubled Finances,” – July 1, 2022

“Hawaii Condo Fees Are Among Nation’s Highest. And They’re Squeezing The Middle Class,” – August 19, 2022

“Here’s What Happened When Lawyers For A Condo Association Tried To Collect Their Fees,” – October 20, 2022

“Condo Owners Want More Power To Fight Their Homeowners Boards,” – January 4, 2023

“$600 A Month In Kakaako Gets Seniors Mold, Shocks And The Smell Of Death,” – March 8, 2023

“Hawaii Property Management Giant Under Scrutiny,” – April 6, 2023

“Condo Management Giant’s License Is Reactivated By Hawaii Regulators,” – April 11, 2023

“Have A Complaint About Your Condo? You May Get Slapped With Paying For The Lawyers Who Fight You,” – April 19, 2023

“This Elderly Woman Was Threatened With Eviction — Over 50 Cents,” -April 19, 2023

“Prominent Honolulu Condo Board Members Are On Trial For Alleged Retaliation. Here’s Why,” – Apri 25, 2023

“Hawaii Condo Owners Aren’t Getting Much Love From The Legislature This Year,” – May 3, 2023

“Is The Deck Stacked Against Hawaii Condo Owners?,” – May 9, 2023

“Prominent Honolulu Condo Directors Pay $600,000 To Settle Retaliation Claim,” – July 13, 2023The Transcript of the Case Above, “Promenent Honolulu Condo…”

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