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Read Me First

Hi, thanks for joining HRLNG. I am Patrick Johansen, admin. This group is different than most others. We are dedicated to changing the HOA laws in all the states for the protection and benefit of the homeowners.

We are not a group for people to complain about their HOAs or seek help from others, there are many, many other sites for doing that. However, I will personally help you if you are having a problem with your HOA or COA, however I can.

Hopefully you will invite others to this group, but when you do, please invite them by sending them an email asking them to join at NOT through the Facebook internal invitation method.

It appears that all the states have bad laws for HOAs. In order for people to live happily in HOAs, the laws need to be changed. That is why we are focused on changing the laws.

We are working hard to grow our group, with people who are willing to write to their legislators, and others as well as consistently help to grow the group. What seems to influence the legislators is large groups of people calling them emailing them, and going in person to talk to them, asking for the same solution.

In order to manage the group, we need a way to contact you. That is why we ask for your contact information. We need to know what state you are in so we can connect you with others in your state, so we ask for your state.

It is good for us to understand what problems you are facing with your HOA and how you would change the laws to fix that problem. We need to understand why you are coming here so I can try to help you but also so that we can understand where your motivations are.

If you have not included this information in your application, please send that info directly to me Patrick Johansen at: or through Messenger in HRLNG.

We will be attempting to contact you in Messenger, please set your notifications so that you will be notified by text or email whenever someone posts or comments in HRLNG. Please also check for Messages on a regular basis.

Once you have completed the Basic Training you will have a good idea about what we are doing and how you can help. Contact me, Patrick Johansen, through Facebook Messenger or and let me know your thoughts. I am here to help organize and train those that come to the group.

Close this tab now and you should be back on the to finish the rest of the Basic Training.

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