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Membership Committee Posting Instructions

001.02  Membership Committee Commenting Instructions Update 3/4/2024

We ask each member to take just 15 minutes per day to COMMENT, NOT POST, to 3 HOA Reform Sites daily. Please make it a habit, a few minutes per day can make a big difference. 

Platforms means things like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.
Site means single groups, blogs or chats within a Platform, or individual websites.

Dead/irrelevant sites listed below under item no. 4.





  • Condo HOA Money –



  • Current members/Have Contact

  • George K. Staropoli @HOAGOV  Current HRLNG member.

  • Cal HOA Alliance @NorCalHOA  Current HRLNG member.

  • HOA Fightclub, Nonprofit @SchifanoRaelene  Current HRLNG member


  • HOA Oversight & Reform Coalition – Washington, DC @ReformHoa66131

  • The HOA Show Podcast @thehoashow

  • HOA Reform @HoaReform  Texas HOA/POA Reform   @TexasHOA_Reform

  • HOA Reform Now!  @HOAReformNow

  • Evan McKenzie @evanmck   **Dr. McKenzie is the pre-eminent scholar that works on HOA reform (the Privatopia books are his). If we have not made contact with him, it is crucial that we do.

  • Homeowner Smart   @HomeownerSmart

  • HomeownershipSF @HomeownershipSF

  • Minnesota Homeownership Center  @MNHOC

  • Black Homeownership   @BlackHomeOwners

  • Deborah Goonan  @IndependentAmCo

  • HAARRT   @HAARRT_net

  • GDWCAR  @GDWCAR_members  *NOTE: This is a Realtors’ association. May 4, 2021 “Fed Up with HOA Overreach? Texas lawmakers are making decisions about HOA reform. Your story can help hold HOAs more accountable! Share your story by scanning the QR Code or by visiting: #HOA #HOAReform #HOAOverreach/”


  • HOAHOLES Youtube

  • HOA Warrior (make a comment on each video.  Site is dead, comments could invite people to HRLNG)

  • Last Week Tonight, John Oliver, “Homeowners Associations,” aired Apr. 9, 2023, YouTube posting. Homeowners Associations: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)NOTES: There are 18,600+ comments on this video. It is likely impossible to go through them all, but having gone through the first few hundred myself, there is possible potential to reach out to certain individuals; I.e.: @Johnthecomedion
    As a law student, one of my lifelong goals is to dismantle as many HOA’s as I possibly can.
    This comment has in itself received 12,000 likes and 496 replies.
    There are other commenters that note battles currently being fought or past battles won or lost.

  • Website List (If there are no notes, need to check)

  • Association Evaluation

  •   HOA   NOTE:  don’t sign because then you cant get back in to read the comments and connect with the people.

  • Colorado HOA Forum  Amanda 7/17/23 – pending, e-mail sent to make contact; I inquired if they are willing to join up and share resources, membership info, etc.

  • HOA Talk        Amanda Checked 7/3/23: Members-only website that offers a forum and other support for members of HOA boards (i.e. pro-HOA), but perhaps promising for information. See this page: and the listed topics, spec. “How Can They Do This?”

  • Plantation Park East HOA Has Got to Go! Amanda checked 7/3/23: NOTE: Some posts seem dated (2018/2019) and information/posts are a bit scattered. The site still seems to be somewhat active in that there was a media post as of 5/30/23. I have posted the link that includes the contact page. Scroll down past legislators’ information to find the form.

3. Each day, post or comment one of the following statements to each of your 3 chosen sites. PLEASE Note: You can change any of these statements to sound more like something you might say or use them as written.

● The HOA Reform Leaders National Group (HRLNG) is working to change the laws by adding penalties for board members who violate local, state, and national ordinances. Wanna help?

Please visit our Facebook group at:

● HELP! We are working to change the HOA/COA laws to better protect and benefit homeowners. This is an action group, not a place to note complaints. We are looking for people who are willing to give an hour or two a week to benefit all HOA/COA homeowners. If you are willing to help, please join us by clicking this link and reading our intent. We’d love to have you join this growing movement.

● Have problems with your HOA/COA and don’t know where to turn? You are not alone. There are thousands of others across the USA that have bought into an HOA/COA and then discovered they might have made a very bad investment. Most states have no laws to protect homeowners who buy into one of these organizations. In most states there are no monetary or consequential penalties for Board Members or Property Managers who violate local, state, or national laws, That’s a huge problem that needs to be corrected. Please visit our Facebook group at: and join us in changing the laws that will help all HOA/COA owners.

● Not happy with your HOA/COA? Let’s face it, You can’t fight them alone. Even if you are totally right and you have proof that your HOA/COA is violating the laws or the governing documents, you need support

The elected Board Members use the collective funds from the HOA/COA to pay for their attorneys, but you have to risk your life or retirement savings to pay for your own lawyer. Most people don’t have enough money to cover an attorney’s fees during a lawsuit. Consider joining and working with the HOA Reform Leaders National Group (HRLNG). Please visit our Facebook group at: and let’s work together to help all HOA/COA owners.

● Many of you on here seem to be pretty active in this group. We have started a very different type of group. It’s just for people willing to act to change the laws. This means actively sending emails to legislators, other government officials, and other organizations like AARP and the National Real Estate Association. We are seeking out others that will take action to help themselves and others. Does that sound like something you could spend a bit of time doing? If so, please take a look at this growing group. Here is the link: Please take a look at what we’ve already achieved and then join the movement.

4. You can also Message an individual that seems like they may be interested. The message could be as simple as:

“You seem like you are realizing that the only way to correct the HOA situation is to change the laws. If that is the case, and you are willing to actually help, which means ACTIVELY helping us grow our group and writing to legislators and others to help change the laws. Join us at

5. Every day, follow these instructions to complete this process in order to bring more people to help this national movement. Thank you!

NOTE: if you have any questions, please contact Patrick Johansen through Messenger. We’re here to help.


Why not just post for my own State group or even just my own HOA?

If you make a post, asking people to join your State group, you are only addressing the people in your State. If you post inviting people to HRLNG, with the same effort you will be inviting people from all 50 states and you will likely get many more responses, maybe 50 times as many including those that would have responded to your post just for your state.

Some of those brought by your post, will start posting nationally, thus finding more people for your state.

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