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What if the COA will not repair my condo damage inside caused by their negligence maintaining the roof or outside of the building?

We are not attorneys.  All communications are opinions and beliefs. Nothing in our communications should be considered to be legal advice.

This is a common problem across the country in HOAs, you are not alone. 

I would recommend that you go to YOUR insurance company and file a report with them, and ask them to cover your damages but point out that the damage was caused by the negligence of the HOA and it should be the HOA paying for these damages. Your insurance company should be contacting the insurance company of the HOA or the HOA Board to take them to court if the HOA does not cover the costs of repairing the inside of your condo.  

If this doesn’t fix the problem, you might also report the issue to the state insurance commissioner.

You might also write a letter to the Board and the HOA Attorney asking the HOA attorney to REQUIRE the Board to respond to you and require the insurance company to make the repairs.  Include the laws, covenants and proofs, like pictures of the damage.   My understanding is that the HOA Attorney must either make the HOA follow the laws or quit for ethical reasons.   If he does neither, file a complaint with the BAR Association.   I didn’t know about this either when I was battling my HOA but I understand it has worked for others.

Include the laws, covenants and proofs, like pictures of the damage, when reporting the problem to any of the above.

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