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Sample letter to members of your HOA. 


You will need to adjust this letter to match your circumstances. This sample is just to help you get started. 





I am First Name, Last Name. I don’t know how many of you realize this but I have found the following problems in our HOA/COA.

1. We are supposed to have at least one annual meeting per year to vote for new Board Members and review and vote on teh budget.  We have not had a meeting for three years.

2. According to our State Laws, covenants can not be changed without a vote of the members.  Yet our Board changes the covenants without a vote of the members.

3. The law requires the HOA to keep financial records and allow all members to review them by request.  Yet when I requested to view them, the refused.



I have attempted to solve this problem with the Board/Property Manager but found that they are not interested in fixing the problems, following the governing documents, or the laws.


I also found that there are no penalties in the law for Board Members or Property Managers that violate the laws and no government authorities that will enforce the laws on HOAs. I have also learned that this is a common problem throughout the USA.  We are not at all alone.


The positive news is that I have found both a State Group and a National Group that are working to change the laws to protect the homeowners and that there is an increasing national movement to change the laws to protect the homeowners from corrupt Boards and Property Managers. 

We need their help and they need ours in order to change our State laws.  I would like to invite you to both of those groups IF you are willing to put in a few minutes of your time each day or week to help change the laws. This would include writing to legislators and other authorities as well as putting in a consistent effort to grow the group. In as little as 15 minutes a day you can be of great help to protect your own home, and your rights as well as thousands of others.


Here are the Proposed Legislative Changes of the group.   


If you are interested in learning more, contact me at XXXXXX@XXXX. If you want to help, please join






We are not attorney’s.   All communications are opinions and beliefs.

Nothing in our communications should be considered to be legal advice.

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