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Sample Instruction Letter – Members to Write to Legislators.                  Washington State 2023-2024

STATE OF WASHINGTON    Legislative Alert!!

Please help HRLNG to help you.   We are fighting for your protection against HOA/COA abuse.   Please read the information below and then act.   IT IS EASY and an make a tremendous difference in your life if you live in an HOA or COA.

Please get everyone else you know in the State of Washington to do this also, whether they live in an HOA or not.

Please copy and past the email below, and send to your own District Legislators.  Then also send to each of the other legislators show below.   I know it will take a little more time because there are probably around 100 legislators, but it is good if you can send each legislator their own email rather than posting all of their email addresses in one email.  They are more likely to read it if it is just addressed to them.  It doesn’t take that much time because you are just cutting and pasting.

The names and email addresses of the legislators that you should write to are listed below the letter on this page in the order of importance.


I live in an HOA and I want to make you aware of how horrible the HOA laws are in our State.   Board Members and sometimes even property managers can take over the HOA and run the HOA for their own benefit, refusing to follow the laws and governing documents.

I realize that theoretically corrupt Board Members can be voted out, but due to the fact that there is no government enforcement of the HOA laws, Board Member frequently just ignore the laws including rigging the elections, as they are in total control of the election process.  Yes, we could sue them but many of those cases take 7 years or more to get through the courts and hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney fees.  The average homeowner can’t afford that. 

The corrupt Board Members are at little risk as their attorney fees are paid for by the collective funds of the HOA and the HOA insurance while the homeowner has to risk their retirement savings and their very home.

While waiting for motions and trials and appeals, many of the corrupt Boards will use their unchecked power to retaliate against the complaining homeowner by filing false CCR violations against them, refusing to maintain the common property related to their home, and defaming them through the use of the weekly newsletters, Facebook page, Website and emailing the members while denying access to any of those to the complaining member(s).

I found a national group HRLNG (HOA Reform Leaders Nation Group), that recognizes that these same problems exist in HOAs all over America.  They have written a list of Proposed Legislation that outlines the Problems and Solutions at this page on their website:

I can explain and testify to the problems but feel that one of the representatives from HLRNG would be better at discussion the solutions.  I would like to arrange a Zoom meeting with you and one of the representatives from HRLNG to discuss their Proposed Legislation.   If you read the Proposed Legislation, I believe you will agree that it would dramatically reduce the illegal and unethical actions of the Boards and Property Managers that are currently plaguing the homeowners.  

Would you suggest some dates and times that we could schedule an hour with you to discuss these issues.



List of Legislators in order of importance.






House Housing Committee


Senate Housing Committee

Kuderer, Chair (D); Skip, already emailed above

Trudeau;  Skip, already emailed above


House Civil Rights and Judicial Committee

Peterson, Skip, already emailed above

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