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I found this survey of HOA homeowners.  This survey is of Florida HOA homeowners but Florida has the same flaws in its laws, and thus the same problems as most other states.   These statistics show that more than half of HOA homeowners are unhappy with their HOA. ity/

Recently Raelene Schifano of HOA Fight Club, did a study on Sheriff Sales due to Foreclosure in several counties in Washington State. About 90% of foreclosures in Washington are properties in HOA/COA associations.

Justs one HOA Reform site that has over 200,000 members from all over the nation, all discussing the SAME ISSUES that I have talked about.  There are many other HOA Reform sites where you will see all the same types of complaints.  Please excuse the name, this is not my site, I didn’t choose the name.

And the fact that GEICO, has created a commercial that displays the more mild miseries of living in an HOA.  GEICO would not produce and pay to show this commercial if did not have statistics showing that this was an extremely widespread problem throughout the USA so that the majority of their potential customers could relate to it.  Please see  

These are new events new proofs of the problems.  I suspect you have all heard of the collapse of the high-rise in Surfside HOA in Florida due to failure of the Board to inspect and repair the building as required even though they knew there were problems.   These two are news reports on the Hammocks.   You will see again all the same problems we have shown you.   Again this is in Florida because Florida is starting to wake up to what the absence of balance of power creates in HOA/COA associations and has started some investigations.

From the website of CAI, you will read that about 30% of all dwellings fall under some type of HOA in the State of Washington. 

Many of the legislators I have talked to have lived in an HOA, or have had friends or relatives experience the problems Raelene and I have described and have told me they would never live in an HOA/COA.

And recently this message from Miami-Dade County, Florida, State Attorney General Katherine






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