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I am not an attorney and none of my communications are legal advice.

The Goal is to call a special meeting, remove the existing board members and replace them with members that care about the homeowners.  

Create a plan with your neighbors as to what you will do to get you members on the Board and what those future Board Members will do when they get on the Board. 

Be sure to have 4 or 5 people video recording the meeting for proof.  Make sure to keep the recordings, the petition, and the voting ballots and proxies also as evidence.

Make copies of everything or better scan them as soon as possible into a computer and send them to 12 people on your side so that records can not be lost or destroyed.

It would be a good idea for you to get your members to chip in for an attorney to make sure you are doing everything correctly and be at the meeting where you vote the board out.  Once you gain control of the Board you could vote to have the HOA reimburse all the members who chipped in for the attorney or spent money on the preparation.

I suggest that when the new members get into office, do everything you can to take as much power away from the Board as possible and get it into the hands of the members.  Look at our Proposed Legislation at       I suggest that you get as much of this as possible into your governing documents.

Read our Proposed Legislation carefully and feel free to ask me questions.  

Better yet, get rid of the HOA.  You will never be safe while you live in an HOA.  You will always be at risk that some group or investor will take over your HOA and you could lose your life savings and possibly your home fighting them.  It is better to make the effort now to eliminate that possibility.

Therefor you have to have enough members that are willing to be on the Board, and a few extras in case some back out.   Agree ahead of time with them in writing what they are going to do when they get on the Board.   Write a contract and have all the future Board Members sign.

You have to look at the laws of your state and your governing documents to find the exact process, proper notifications of meetings, how many signatures you need to call a special meeting and how many to remove the Board members, etc.

You need to get a certain number of people as specified in your governing docs, to sign a petition to call a special meeting.   Keep the original and send or deliver a copy of the petition to the board.   Make multiple copies and give them to several of your leaders so they don’t get lost or stolen.   Your governing docs should tell you how many days the Board has call the meeting before you can call your own.

If they dont call the meeting by then, you as the members can call the meeting.

You need to send notifications to all the members announcing the meeting so that they all can attend and vote.    If your governing docs allow, that can be by proxy.    You need to make sure you are following all the requirements of your laws and governing documents on notification.

This is a MEMBER meeting not a Board Meeting so the Members run the meeting not the board.  You should have the process all prearranged and organized  before you start.

At the specified starting time prearranged member #1 should stand and make a motion that prearranged member #2 should chair the meeting.

Prearranged member #3 seconds the motion.


#1 calls for a vote.   #3 seconds.    #1 starts the voting.   The vote can be by raise of hands, or written on ballots.    The members vote.   As this is all arranged ahead of time, I will assume #2 is voted in to Chair the meeting.

#2 now runs the meeting.   #1 or another member makes ONE motion to remove the entire Board and replace them with the prearranged Board, reading out the names.

#3 seconds the motion.

The members vote.


Immediately contact your Banks notifying them of the new Board and get control of the account.

The notify the property manager, HOA attorney of the new Board Members and that the old members have no authority.

Immediately fire the HOA attorney and replace them with your new attorney.

Replace the Property Management Company as soon as possible, preferably with employees of the HOA, not another Management Company

Patrick Johansen
Chairman of Housing Justice Committee
HOA Reform Leaders National Group
We are not attorneys.   All communications are opinions and beliefs.
Nothing in our communications should be considered to be legal advice.
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

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