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Do you understand the risks you are taking by living in an HOA or COA?


Whether you are aware of it or not, you are living in a virtual dictatorship. In most states you literally give up your constitutional rights when you live in an HOA. You may feel comfortable now, but recognize that your HOA can falsely accuse you of violating a covenant, and fine you, and if you resist paying, they can add thousands in attorney fees, late fees and interest, can put a lien on your home and foreclose on your home.


In many states this can all be done without even taking you to court. There are now many investors that are now stealing homes this way, all over the USA. Many people in your state are recognizing that they are at great risk. Many have already lost their homes and are shocked when they discover that these virtual dictatorships can exist in the USA.


Some of the State governments are starting to wake up to the need to regulate HOAs and Condo Association, as we are working with the legislators to change the laws.


HOA Reform Leaders National Group (HRLNG) is a grassroots national group, dedicated to changing the Homeowner Association (HOA) and Condo Association (COA) laws in all the states to protect and benefit the homeowners. Join us, understand your risks of living in an HOA or COA and help us change the laws to protect and benefit YOU the homeowner.


Click here to visit our short video below to learn more about HLRNG.  Share this link with others.

Reform HOAs: Join the Movement! Join HRLNG! - YouTube

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