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Why is an HOA Ombudsman's Office Bad for the Homeowners.

Why is an HOA Ombudsman's Office Bad for the Homeowners?

CAI and others that want to keep power out of the hands of the HOA homeowners, will often suggest using an Ombudsman instead of our suggested State HOA Office.

We need to push back against the Ombudsman Concept and unite on the concept of a State HOA Office under the Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General's Office.

NONE of the Ombudsmans offices in the states that have them have been succesful. 

This is the definition of Ombudsman: a person who investigates, reports on, and helps settle complaints: an individual usually affiliated with an organization or business who serves as an advocate for patients, consumers, employees, etc. 

Ombudsmen typically don't have the authority that a State HOA Office would have.  Ombudsmen collect data and report, and may be able to mediate, but they don't have the authority to fine Board Members or Property Managers or remove bad Board Members from a Board.  They don't have the power to sue on the behalf of an HOA member.   A State HOA Office that is part of the AGs office as described in our Proposed Legislation would have that power.

It doesnt seem logical to attempt to redefine the word Ombudsmen to include those powers because we are then starting from a weak position.   Lets push for a real Office with real powers as we define in the State HOA Office description in our Proposed Legislation.

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